In Ternopil checked all defenses

In Ternopil completed verification of protective structures. The action, 399 defense equipment ready and willing restricted 145 - not ready. This was announced by Deputy Head of DSNS Ukraine in Ternopil region of state supervision and control of Roman Terletskyi to extraordinary meetingsor regional commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergencies, held on 26 March during the leadership of Deputy Regional Governor Leonid Bytsyury. "In Ternopil is 544 protective structures of civil protection, including 66 - 478 stores and radiation shelters, - said Roman Ya. - In the areax created commission who conducted one-day inspection. Owners and tenants of protective structures that do not take measures to Compliance will pay administrative fines. Up to 2 April we will prepare a summary of the inspection of protective equipment in all areas of the region. " Chairman of the Regional Commission on technogenic and ecologicalSecurity and Emergencies, deputy head of the regional state administration Leonid Bytsyura instructed local executive authorities in cooperation with local authorities to take firm control tasks on urgent deficiencies and implement balance-protective structures of civil protection measures will leadspare a willingness to use those facilities that the audit found ready for their intended use. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration