Chernihiv, Zaporozhye rescuers conducted training for signal "FEE-LOSS"

The result of operative and productive emergency response is constant DSNS rescuers working abilities and skills. During the exercises improved action-rescue units Rescue during liquidityted emergency situation. Therefore, exercises and training is an important part of every rescue. Testing of action in case of possible emergencies are held regularly in every region in Ukraine. Thus, on February 15, in order to verify the efficiency and readiness units PG DSNA Ukraine in Zaporizhia region, in. Enerhodar Director of Emergency Response DSNS Ukraine Grigory Marchenko announced duty personnel for signal « FEE-ACCIDENT & raquo ;. According to the signal declared Designated 204 people arrived personnel and employees of Zaporozhye garrison. During Storyovogo inspection personnel, availability and configuration disturbing luggage and personal security breaches affecting the organization of Zaporozhye garrison and act in the appointment were found. As usual, introductory regarding conditional emergency rescuers are after arrival at the destination. This time the leadership of VP Administration « Zaporizhia nuclear power plant » and the first public-fire rescue squad was announced introductory: « Because hurricane in the territory of the court there was a drop light support structure second power transformer VP « & raquo ;, ZAES has shorted thatcaused intense skipannya oil in the transformer housing, housing and depressurization ignition oil in it & raquo ;. For the recovery of conventional emergency was involved 45 persons of personnel and 8 vehicles. Promptly and consistently conditional effects caused by bad weather, were eliminated. &Laquo; I note that with the intended assacheyu the units first state fire and rescue team and staff about ’ facility handled promptly and in full. We understand how important in the case of accidents at this kind about ’ yektah is prompt and decisive and coordinated action. Therefore myy further pursue this kind of training to beUchi prepared for possible emergencies of varying difficulty & raquo ;, - said Director of Emergency Response DSNS Ukraine Grigory Marchenko Note that despite the difficult economic situation, financial costs for training were minimal: there was no excess paiddrop of fuel. For all current efforts of Ukraine intended to quickly stabilize the economic situation in the country. DSNS Ukraine