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In the Lviv region Sambir city at the police station, the Civic Council

the Public Council will facilitate effective dialogue and effective cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the public Seven Boyars. The main objectives of peer advisory body to the police Gorotdel create conditions foI exercise by citizens constitutional right to participate in public affairs and public control over the activities of law enforcement. Public Council includes representatives of seven NGOs, namely: "Seven Boyars Self-Defense", "Samborskii AutoMaidan", "Ralivska Community", "Development Agency Lukivskoyi salttion Council ", Lviv Regional Organisation of Employers road transport, Public Association Sports Club" Camp "and the trade union committee Samborskogo Gorotdel police. Chairman of the Council elected George Hamar - Leader of the "Seven Boyars Self-Defense." Secretary Andrew was Kardash - representatives of publicher organization "Ralivska Community". Tatiana Ohrimenko, Assistant Chief Samborskogo MB