&Quot; The war with Russia or ATO? &Quot; - Sergey Stefanko MP Ivano-Frankivsk city council faction VO " Freedom "

Regular Minsky Agreement of 02.12.2015 year. What are the initial positions Ukraine? In Ukraine, in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We are continuously attacked. We zahyschayemosya and a snake in a skillet vyvertayemosya. We are afraid ofcovered the war with Russia. The government is constantly appealing to Americans and Europeans, asks us to protect, allow to hide behind them. We constantly justified if hostilities are not in Ukraine and in the Rostov region of Russia. Ukraine de facto lost Crimea. On his Minsk agreements will not mention it became part subject Rosiyskoyi Federation. Now Ukraine has no control over the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions. What Minsky provide new agreement? Our European security guarantees, which we hope so, not going to take the negotiations towards Ukraine. Europe wants peace and peace at any price. We signed a new agreement Minsky. They all obligationsundertook Ukraine. Russia did not take over any liabilities. Moreover, these Ukrainian commitment is now guaranteed by Germany and France. There are two key issues that had to push negotiations Ukraine, assuming that Merkel and Hollande on our side ... and negotiations are conducted in the form of three to one ... First. Recognize the fact thaton the territory of Ukraine is Ukrainian-Russian war. Thus, Russian aggression against Ukraine is not recognized. Russia officially being belligerent. Finding the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine is not fixed and not condemned. Accordingly, demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine in Minsk missing documents. Without recognition of Russia aggressionsrum, and responsible for events in the Donbas, all attempts to "peace settlement" does not make sense. Second. Oblige Russia to enable Ukraine to take control of the Russian-Ukrainian border. The rest of Ukraine can solve alone. Unfortunately this item in Minsk agreements in the background somewhere in the fog. Without immediate transfer of control overkrayinsko-Russian border Ukrainian side all other agreements - fiction. The President said that we need to stop the war. Who fights Ukraine, which state? - With anyone, we do not war. We legally anti-terrorist operation, local internal armed conflict in the two regions. From Russia we hear the interpretation of events in the same railwayall. They talk about "military conflict Kiev Ukrainian authorities militias", the "withdrawal of troops from the contact line." The position of senior Ukraine surprising. We stubbornly unwilling to publicly legislatively call a spade a spade, pidihruyemo Russia. While speaking the truth, we would have driven Russia into a corner. If Russia is maskedand does not want to recognize themselves belligerent, it is necessary to create a "DNR" and "FSC" such intolerable conditions that Russia had to reset the mask and openly go to war. But Russia wants to be just a side supposedly innocent ... but we are afraid of open, declared war on Russia ... It vicious circle. And this vicious circle is not in favor of Ukraine. Dolovna setting our government - not to irritate Russia. Do not apply for NATO membership. Do not introduce martial law. Do not conduct military offensives. Do not declare "DNR" and "FSC" terrorist organizations. Do not apply economic sanctions against Russia. Do not block the occupied territory of Crimea and Donbas. Do not show video report inthethose of Russian prisoners of war, which we supposedly have hundreds (and they, well, at least part of it, should be collected in some great hall and show journalists). Ukrainian intelligence with the help of local people can not even professional camcorder to shoot continuous movement of Russian troops through the Ukrainian-Russian border, then they move onoccupied territory, then placing Russian military equipment in a residential area, etc. and pass it on TV (instead we go on television scenes from video recorders and mobile phones). Ukrainian authorities reckon help of a neutral party to act as peacemaker in status. We officially called warcounterterrorist operation, the occupied territories - ATO zone, armed forces - terrorists and separatists, the front line - the line of confrontation. The President said that Minsk agreements have a point about the withdrawal of foreign military forces from the area ATO? It's about whose foreign troops says what country? - Officially no foreign troops in Ukraine thereis, as a "people's militia and wife" DNR "and" FSC ". Of course no one is going nowhere output. If we do not against foreign military aggression, we do not conduct any war with another country, who, for what money will restore the destroyed infrastructure Donbass Donbass if we ever return? I think: Since the invasion of the Crimea UkRaina had to sever diplomatic relations with Russia, block boundaries and introduce visa, etc. After the formation of "DNR" and "FSC" they once had officially recognize terrorist organizations. And accordingly declare at least in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts martial law. After the invasion of staff of the army in August 2014Donbass we had to declare Russia an aggressor. War called not "conflict between the armed forces and militants Ukraine", not "special operation in the area ATO" and Ukrainian-Russian war. According territory "DNR" and "FSC" we have to recognize the occupied territories and Russia refuse any public commitments to organizations and institutionsthe occupied territories. We provide free energy bandits and undertakes to respect people and areas that do not control. We have not played with the "DNR" and "FSC" in the giveaway announcing numerous unilateral truce and ceasefire and to act. "Ridiculous" when regular Ukrainian army barely withstand the onslaught of "gang of terrorists."Very sad when terrorists has more than twenty or thirty people, and thirty or forty thousand troops and completely control the two regional centers of Ukraine. What are these terrorists are, if commandos, all available troops Ukraine are fighting with them two or three days, and almost all year round. We had to formally apply to the Guarantor States for military aid foI protect against the aggressor. We request military assistance in the war with Russia. We demand economic blockade of, the exclusion of the United Nations. We must be proactive and not be a whipping boy, who was given the face and knocked out teeth (took Crimea), now lying in a pose, constantly digging feet. We Dubas every day for Russiaadrovi troops, killed Ukrainian soldiers and senior management Ukraine like a schoolboy, whose high school every day hitting the toilet, says parents and teachers that all is well and he just durachytsya high school students, and bruises, the frequent fall from the stairs ... pupil fears suffering, silent facts and lies ... This was reported in IvanoFrankivsk city council