In Ternopil fighters against economic crime expose persons illegally receiving social benefits Employees

units of the State Service to combat economic crime area in January this year found 15 criminal offenses related to fraudulent mastery of the state budget, which are intended to benefits for socialt low-income families, privileged categories of citizens and the unemployed. As the chief UDSBEZ MIA in Basil Mokritskiy facts of illegal of benefits recorded in almost all districts. Offenders with a view to assigning them social assistance, submitted to the state government documents, which deliberatelypointed or hide information about their social status (information about the availability of movable and immovable property, the amount of income received, etc.). Based on these documents the competent authorities appointed them as payment sotspomosch. Law enforcers have exposed many cases of illegal use and benefit persons (guardians) that doglyadaly for the lonely and elderly citizens. They formally fulfilled its obligations, and in some cases all were outside the territory of our country. For such misconduct criminal liability under Article 190 of the Criminal Code (fraud) and 358 of the Criminal Code (forgery of documents, seals, stamps and forms, their Satut, use of false documents). The revealed facts of improper police announced sotspomosch 12 suspected persons. After following budget did not get more than 176 thousand UAH. During the preliminary investigation all damages recovered. Criminal liability will incur 31-year zhyteltsi Pochayev Kremenetsone area. A woman for a year illegally received social assistance. To this end, it has made false information in the declaration of income and property status of persons hiding information about the fact that it owns no land. Then applied to the Department of Labor and Social Policy district administration, resulting from illegalrymala social assistance amounting to more than 12 thousand. UDSBEZ Employees will continue to work in this direction and expose people illegally receiving social assistance. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region