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In Zhytomyr police arrested

workers narkotorhivku Berdichev CF MIA caught 27-year-old local resident, who in his apartment and selling opium pills potent medical drug to drug users' customers. " Operatives sector to combat drug trafficking Berdichev Gorotdel police have documented how womenand sells narcotics just in your own home. After receiving the court ruling, they had authorized a search of her apartment. As a result, police seized medical syringes and utensils from the remnants of specific liquids, tablets and proceeds in the sale of drugs. According to the experts of the Research expert Crimeainalistychnoho Center at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the liquid in the syringe was extracted opium and tablets are potent medicines prohibited for free sale. - The woman is also a drug user. She explained that the selling of drugs, earns his next "dose", - said the chief of police of Berdichev Gorotdel Roman Zaitsev. - Jofficially announced on suspicion ch. 2, Art. 307 (illegal manufacture, production, acquisition, storage, transport, transfer or sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Court suspect a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. Woman threatens penalty of deprivedof liberty for a term of 6 to 10 years with confiscation of property. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Berdichev MB