In Lutsk holidays last

Spring holiday periods and with them goes saturated sports program in the clubs in the community in which every day held a variety of sporting events with different age groups of children and adolescents. March 25 at the premises of the club "White Rook" (st. Builders, 11) Lutsk city center physicalth health "Sport for All" hosted urban darts competitions among teams of clubs in the community. Darts - a great way of entertainment, both indoors and outdoors. This activity is fun for people of all ages, relieves stress and fatigue, promotes accuracy and rigidity hand. This is a game thatencourages concentration and prudent movement, concentration and patience. Shoot darts at first glance easy. You also need to acquire certain skills. This game is interesting and exciting, and of course, the players in darts starts and bolster the spirit of competition. All the participants showed their ability and skill in throwing darts and willto victory. The event was held on positive emotions. Most points scored Under representative of the club "Youth" Nikita Shtaharenko who took first place. Second place was won as a pupil of the club "Youth" Vladislav Burmistrova. Third on the basis of the results was the representative of the club "White Rook" Daniel Ryabchykov. Among girls win St.yatkuvala Julia Marchuk (club "Olympia"). Second and third place respectively occupied Sofia Palayevska (club "Luchesk") and Tatiana Kupchynskyi (club "Youth"). Winners were awarded diplomas and gifts city center physical health "Sport for All". Relax during the holidays inmates clubs in the community Nicoland. 26 and March 27, they have some urban competition table tennis program sports and athletics city. City center physical health "Sport for All" (720 335) This was reported in Lutsk City Council