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Ternopil biathlete successfully held the eighth race at the World Cup in Holmenkollen in Norway,

completed the eighth stage of the World Cup biathlon. This recent launches this competition before the World Championships in Kontiolahti, which will begin on 5 March. In two races - sprint relay and - in Ternopil cup made biathlete Dmitry Underhand. The "Sprint" our countryman was twelfth, showing the best result among Ukrainian. A Ukrainian team in the relay, which included, besides Dmitry improvised competed as Sergei Semenov, Alexander and Vladimir Bold Semakov, placed seventh. At the same podium this time there were teams of Russia, Germany and Austria, to inform MANAGEMENTESI for Physical Culture and Sport of Ternopil Regional State Administration. According to experts Biathlon Federation of Ukraine, finishing "showdown" in the relay race in Holmenkollen Shipulina Anton Simon Shemppa clearly fall into the list of the best finishes of the season. Shempp did everything to outplay tactically Shipulina: time came forward, blocked the track, butTherefore, no enough at the finish line and, once again, he lost the leader of the Russian national team. As for the speech Ukrainian biathletes, the estimated trainers team Ukraine held a very good race. The first three stages of the athletes ran just perfect. And if by Dmitry improvised expect such a performance, the Bold Alexander and Vladimir Cemakov definitely ran the best relay stages in their careers. Last unexpectedly replaced Artem note, but his stage run faster and Dmitry Malyshka Johannes Be! It is possible that it was a relay structure, which will play at the World Cup - stressed in Biathlon Federation of Ukraine. Up to the first shooting Sergey Semenov, our teameven had a real chance at the podium. But for the second time in a row Seed "flunked" the baton. And this time he went immediately to the two circles fine. It does not shooting him, because he just recently set records for the number of precise boundaries in a row. The race lost Ukrainian collective Czech Republic and Austria and, therefore, can not competeI'm with them for the 5 th place in the Cup of Nations. Although its seventh and also have hope nobody will give. Also add that the women's relay at Holmenkollen Ukrainian foursome took sixth place. In Holmenkollen finished eighth stage of the World Cup biathlon. It starts in the last World Cup before the World Cup in Kontiolahti, for the period 5March. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration