In the Volyn region for corruption offenses punished forester

Prosecutor Kivertsy district protocol on an administrative corruption offense forester Sokyrychivskoho Forestry Enterprise « Kivertsivskiy Forestry & raquo ;, which from March to November 2014 Poe mixed illegally work in a public body tand private enterprises. Resolution Kivertsi District Court gamekeeper convicted of committing an administrative offense of corruption and sentenced as fine of $ 850 USD. with confiscation received from working part-time income in the amount of 2456 USD. Note: according to Art. 7 of Ukraine « On the Principles of bingeprevention and countering corruption » officials and officers of government restrictions on combining and overlapping with other activities, therefore forbidden to engage in other paid or entrepreneurial activity, except for teaching, research and creative activity, medical practice, instructor and judge the practicefrom the sport. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region