Lutsk - opening of the exhibition "Day-2014"

The traditional annual "Days" Day "in Lutsk start April 3 this year. The grand opening of the exhibition "Day" newspaper and a meeting with the chief editor of Ms. Ivshyna held in the library of the University of East European national Ukrainian Lesia the same day at 12:00. Within zusTrichy, the presentation of new books "Ukraine Incognita top 25", published in three languages, which were a continuation of the series "Library" Day ". The exhibition contains approximately 150 photographs among the winners of the XVI International Photo Contest newspaper "Day". They starred with over 2 thousand photographs sent from all over Ukraine as photographers claimrofesionalamy and photographers in the categories "Events", "Personality", "Ukrainian World," "Life as We Know It", "The world through the eyes of children" and in a separate category from international organizations UNDP "Building a new country together." Of course, much of photographs dedicated to the main events of the past year - Revolution Square and dignity at war in the east.In Focus - the people who make history. Therefore, the formation of a new Photo Gallery in October 2014 she was given the symbolic title - "Ternova Fall" and the symbol chosen territory - with its glaucous-blue berries on thorny branches. That - and thorny path that is our state breaks up blood, and that could fix photographers applicants. It is also ofProtection of, because in many countries it is symbolized this plant. So this year's photo exhibition - is also protected. From the distorted world view. Traditionally, all visitors to the exhibition can feel the jury, gave his vote for the most interesting, in their view, photographs. On the closing day of the exhibition on the results of the voting will be announced WallOdars title of People's Choice Lutsk. Pictures that particularly enjoy, you can buy a version of the "Day". The exhibition will run from 3 to 19 April 2015, free admission, from 10-00 to 19-00, except Sunday. Note: Photo Contest "Day", held annually since 1999? is the most large-scale social project newspapers, along with othersymi cultural and educational initiatives Edition (Library "Ukraine Incognita, Summer School of Journalism 'Day' Prize. Mace "for citizenship" et al.) has already become her distinguishing feature. This was reported in Lutsk City Council