In Ternopil, Kremenets and Shumsky region fully completed mobilization plan

noted the work on the fourth stage of mobilization Kremenetsko-Shumsky rayviyskkomisariatom, which fulfilled the plan by 100 percent. Lowest rate on mobilization - in Buchach, Monastyrskyi area and inTernopil. On mobilization in Ternopil region reported a military recruiting office Regional Commissioner Colonel Vladimir Katyn during the meeting on mobilization, which held February 16 Acting Chairman duties Ternopil Oblast State Administration Ivan Krysak. Participation in the meeting was Deputy of Ukraine Stepan Barna, who atWas Ternopil for review of progress mobilization assistance in the mobilization measures and provide appropriate assistance for their organization. Mobilization in Ternopil - controlled management Toda said John Krysak. In particular, in the course of conducting regular inspections of medical examination viyskovozobov'yazatheir military medical commission. As reported Director of the Department of Health Vladimir chickens, the state of such a commission in Pidvolochysk district military commissariat assessed "unsatisfactory". He stressed that the detection of violations and underexposed applicable legislation will treat the issue of responsibility his postchief physicians of central district hospitals and district heads of medical draft boards. At the end of the meeting John Krysak instructed to carry out a solemn meeting on the level of the region of ATO members who returned to Ternopil region under rotation. "We should be proud of our heroes and take one example - you saidkonuvach deputy head of RSA. - Then, on his return they will participate in the meeting, which will be attended by all heads of district administrations, city and village councils area clergy edge. This will be an opportunity for everyone to look into the eyes of heroes and realize their responsibility to participate in the mobilization. " This was reported in Ternopilskiy RSA