In Privat help pensioners, who are unable to visit the branch

During difficult life situations (health problems, advanced age) or weather conditions Privat delivers pension cards to its customers directly in the community. More than 100 pensioners benefited Rivnenshchyna this unique service Privat, ICountry Bank was established back in 2013. "Pensioners who are unable to visit the office, without having to feel deprived of attention - says Deputy Head of Social Programs Northwestern District Privat Natalia Kostyushok. - If necessary, request the service can and relatives of the pensioner. To do this Doleast need to call the number 3700 from your mobile, incidentally service - free. Bank employee will contact the customer and deliver the card in the appropriate time. " Within the social program Free Privat produces and maintains pension cards that allow their holders to receive and spend retirement at a convenient time, without waitingthe postman or for their turn in the cash department. Withdraw cash from the card can be in any of 267 ATMs in PrivatBank and ATMs of other banks in Ukraine without any fees. Make payments, utilities, recharge the credit card money transfer from card to card can be found in each of the 321 self-service terminalstion. And most importantly, seniors have the opportunity to increase your savings - the cash balance on card is charged 10% richnyh.Takozh pensioners receive discounts and bonuses in the partner network bank "Bonus Plus" for payment card at retail outlets and pharmacies. 45 percent of Rivne pensioners who receive pensions through banking institutionsand, which is more than 65 thousand. customers receive funds on card accounts Privat. Only last year, more than 8.5 thousand. Privat customers were retirees. Today in Ukraine there are over 13.5 million pensioners. The Bank 4.7 million people, including more than 2.6 million customers rely on the transfer of pensions and more1.3 million customers transferring social benefits it Privat.