In Ternopil eliminated narkopryton

Narkopryton in the village Podvolochisk cleared operatives in Ternopil Regional Department of Internal Affairs in cooperation with the local police department employees. Underground illegal activities in your own private house organized 40-year-old local resident. As the head of the struggledrug trafficking UMVDU in Ternopil Oblast Vladimir Stroji?i, a man already serving a sentence for similar crimes, but again started illegal business. In his own house he equipped drug labs and use the necessary supplies produced from opium poppy straw. Ready dangerous substance drug addicts could trywool dwelling "businessman". Proposed that smoke and marijuana. Customers were many. Next to continue their illegal activities traffickers prevented police. From his home police seized guns for the manufacture of drugs, opium, opium and marijuana use device. Suspect detained under Article 208 CCPcountry. Regarding it opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 317 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - the organization or running for illegal use, production or manufacture of drugs. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of four to eight years with confiscation of property. In SZEM MIAcountry in Ternopil region