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Shop for weapons settled resident of Ternopil

60-year-old resident of one of the villages Monastyrskyi area in the yard of my parents' house converted barn in a workshop where manufactured weapons and firearms. According to the chief police department Monastyrskyi Andrew Hozhiya, in the course of a search authorized PRAvoohorontsi man seized ammunition, knives, sample without barrel hunting shotgun, rifle example to hunting weapons, several objects similar to the trunks, and air gun without the example he reworked to fire ammunition 5,45mm. As it turned out, the man formerly worked as a turner at one of the factories Ivano-Frankivsk. KAgey that produced billet parts and weapons for himself and did not know that it is forbidden by law. Removed the way police handed over for examination to the Regional Research Forensic Centre. The event brought to a single register of pre-trial investigations under Article 263 part 1 of the Criminal Code - illegal handling of weapons, ammunition orexplosives. Sanction article provides imprisonment for a term of three to seven years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region