In Ternopil Leonid Bytsyura welcomed the participants of the Twelfth International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists

Twelfth International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists "Economic and social development of Ukraine in the twentieth century: a national vision and challenges of globalization" continues in Ternopil National Economic Unithose. Participating in it are representatives of five countries and all regions of Ukraine. March 26 opening ceremony of the conference. Congratulated the participants Deputy Head of Regional State Administration Leonid Bytsyura. He thanked everyone who came to Ternopil and participated in the conference. "Ukraine needs major transformation - constatuvav deputy. - Transformation require all areas of public life. There are many people want change, changes in demand, but not really ready for them. I hope that it contains people who are not just willing to change themselves, but also to change the environment around them. " Leonid O. stressed that the problem of the modern scientist - not just statand "walking encyclopedia", but above all to be able to process and analyze massive amounts of information. "There is no problem get almost any information, in any language, - said Leonid Bytsyura. - However, there is a huge need to choose what is needed, not least, of the information flow. I want to be sure that our every action, ourword help change our country for the better. Despite the difficult situation, military aggression, we still win. First of all - thanks to young people. Young for his age, and the way of thinking and outlook. " International conference shut down tomorrow, March 27. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration