In the Rivne region through collaboration with the public local policeman set a thief to

Radyvyliv district inspector of police department who has bypass residences, turned 61-year-old villager Novoukrayinka with a request to find a person who on the night of March 16, stole electric motor 5 kW. Have patienceilyy said that he often synchronous motor used in the conduct of domestic agriculture. Last attaching it to the Circular, the man was cutting board. Active participation in uncovering the crime took Druzhbivskoyi head of the village council. The polling station was informed about the need to visit the place of residence of one of the housesalong with. Novoukrayinka. During the meeting the 49-year-old victim idle odnoselchanyn policeman admitted his involvement in the theft. According to the man to steal his motor made a difficult financial situation. Stolen thing he sold villagers 800 USD, but the new value reaches nearly two thousand. To establish the amount of losspolice sent to the motor Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. - Information included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 1 of Article 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - the head of the public security police Radyvyliv District Police Alexander Sobchuk. - Thank residentsRadyvylivschyny for assistance in solving crimes, because thanks to timely information provided we are able to apprehend criminals and stolen property returned to owners. Oksana Shuliak Radivilovsky District Police Ukraine in Rivne region