Rivne artist Nikolay Godunov awarded the art prize. George Kosmiadi

Third Annual Art Prize George Kosmiadi found its hero. This prize is awarded to artists in the field of fine art, with their work proved that deserve high recognition. The prize also includes a small monetary reward. Best artists obiRayet professional jury, this year there were three candidates. Painter Nicholas Guodong this year won the art prize George Kosmiadi. Her hand artists who distinguished themselves in various fields of art - painting, sculpture, graphics, decorative art. With professional jury selects just one note, officials in this process is not affected. The position Premind all nominees must meet certain criteria, including presenting a solo exhibition. Therefore, almost unanimously, the three candidates elected this year Nikolay Godunov. Nicholas Guodong lives in the village of Babin, there has his own studio. In recent years, the village is art. After all, it arranges regular art exhibitions. Says it or oneof the most prestigious awards, but to rest on their laurels too early. The resulting award, and a 5 thousand, plans to invest in supplies - canvas, paints and brushes. When the materials, then laughs artist easier to create. Now the work of Nicholas Guodong can be seen in the exhibition halls and galleries, as well as art albums. Recall in2013 Prize George Kosmiadi received Konstantin Litvin, and in 2014 posthumously Anatoly Martynenko. The organizers are confident - award adds inspiration to create the future. Helen S., George Kobiv This was reported in the Rivne City Council