Exactly kneeling forgiven with ATU

characters Exactly again in mourning. Already in the morning 25 March to City House of Culture, in the park. Taras Shevchenko, an endless stream go with wreaths and flowers equations, to pay tribute to the heroes of TU. Hundreds of residents on their knees, off to rest his countrymen - 20 years EugEna Repin and 31-year-old Maxim Medvedev. Not hiding tears people chanted: "Heroes do not die!" Gunner spy 81 th airmobile brigade Evgeny Repin died near Donetsk, rushed to the rescue of his friends when the ensuing battle with separatists. According to Major General Oleg Pantyleya who arrived in Rivne to spend the last village roadself- fighting brother, Eugene died saving others. - The tragedy occurred near the village of Water near Donetsk. I can not say for sure: it was mine or throw grenades - says Oleg Pantyley the day. - But we have such trouble - was not handsome guy (Eugene growth at 1 meter 95 centimeters). He was a late child, so everyone in the family called him Conechkom. And the most valuable it was that he always came to the rescue as in civil life and in the military. Eugene got into our military unit in November 2014, immediately showed its best, it is not just successfully completed before him combat missions. Therefore it from ordinary gunner scout waspromoted to the post of commander. It was a very reliable warrior who always took the right decision was to inspire subordinates and colleagues in arms on the tasks of any complexity. Eugene Repin, without the slightest exaggeration - a true patriot of Ukraine. The war in eastern Ukraine and claimed the lives of 31-year-old paratrooper 95th Aerobilnoyi teams Maxim Medvedev. After serving under contract in the 55th Brigade in the area of ??communication ATO, he came home for a short holiday and returned to service has volunteered in order partial mobilization. During training at a military training ground in Zhytomyr Oblast Maxim happened irreparable - heart attack, which turned deathth. Tribute to a hero and express condolences came friends, colleagues, with whom he was in the area of ??ATO, government officials and hundreds of equations as a paratrooper soldier gave his young life for something that we can live in a single independent country. First, the people kneeling down, with genuine pain of bereavement farewell to Maxim Medvedev, in whichtransported for burial in the village Myrohoscha Dubno district. Then the funeral procession of farewell Eugene Repin was kind of urban culture to the Holy Protection Cathedral, where the dead celebrated prayer. Eugene Repin was buried in exactly the alley Heroes. This was reported in the Rivne City Council