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In Lviv Oblast half hundred rescuers eliminated fire in the attic of a residential building

on 25 March at 20:47 to the rescue was reported on fire in the attic of a 5-storey residential building in the city. Lviv on the street. Under the Oak, 2. For 5 minutes arrived at the scene first fire and rescue units. Because of the strong smoke prymischent curbed fire rescue vehicles in respiratory protection. Completely eliminate the fire managed at 22:09 of 12 units gazodymozaschitny service. The fire destroyed trees ’ Yani design loft, household items on the area of ??250 square meters and damaged trees ’ Yani design horscha an area of ??50 sq.m. For the recovery of ignitionI have involved 50 rescuers and 12 units of machinery. Because the event no one was hurt. The cause of fire is under investigation.