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Selected winners of the regional stage of Ukrainian children's literary contest "protect the country from the scourge of"

In Lviv regional winners chosen national round children's literary contest « protecting the country from disasters » on fire and man-made themes. A competition to realize interests in Fostertion in children responsible attitude to the requirements of fire and industrial safety, developing children's culture and life safety education actions in emergencies, development of creative abilities of children. The jury consisting of specialists of the management DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region and representatives of the Lviv City coordynatsiyno and methodological center « Galician Youth » read of all participants and identified best. The competition took pupils and students from all over Lviv. Poetry and fiction disclose such important topics as prevent fires from careless handling of fire, protecting children from fire and other emergencies byconcept of fire and applied sport, fires in the home and at work, and forest fires in grain fields, life savers, and many others. Works winners will participate in the nationwide contest stage to compete for the title of best literary works. The awards ceremony will take place on stage Lviv Oblast April 2 in room GUDSNS Ukraine in Lviv region. Here, students present their work and get acquainted with the real rescuers. So we popularize the heroic firefighters profession among young people and forming a responsible attitude to issues of personal and public safety. Presenting the winners of the regional stage of the competition: Nominated work of artin the first age category: Rank 1 – Kacherovska Elena, author School « & raquo ;, Tryvita m. Lviv; 2nd place – Vasylyshyn Hope exemplary literary and creative studio « Lovage & raquo ;; Rank 3 – Levitsky Arthur, author School « & raquo ;, Tryvita m. Lviv. In the second age group: Rank 1 – Dmitruk strawI Zymnovodivska secondary school st.1 settlement. Ore; 2nd place – Voloshin Sofia, secondary school 32, m. Lviv; Rank 3 – Kotsan Christina secondary school 95, m. Lviv. The third age group: Rank 1 – Kozak Mar ’ Yang, UC « Konyuhivskyy BIS-III article-kindergarten & raquo ;, p. Groom; 2nd place – Fedyshyn Salome, Novorozdilskyy vocational school,town. Section; Rank 3 – Ivantsiv Nicholas Novorozdilskyy vocational school, town. Section. Nomination poetry in the first age category: Rank 1 – Yatsunova Sofia, secondary school 38, m. Lviv; 2nd place – Finaheyev Andrew LZSH number 43, m. Lviv; Rank 3 – Voloshenko Julia, LZSH number 43, m. Lviv. In the second age group: Rank 1 – Sobchik Constantine, SSZSH number 93, m. Lviv; 2nd place – Vuchkan Hope secondary school number 1, m. Lviv; Rank 3 – Semaschuk Oksana, secondary school number 1, m. Lviv. The third age group: Rank 1 – Turash lily, preschool « Novoiavorivske HPC & raquo ;, m. Novoyavorivsk; 2nd place – Ludmila Smirnova, Rava-Ruska professional college, m. Rava-Ruska; 3 mistse – Blikhar Sofia, secondary school 38, m. Lviv.