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In the Transcarpathian region in Presov involving svobodivky Irene Harmasiy a presentation of the book Stephen Pope " Big Fight "

March 20, 2015 at the Center of Ukrainian culture. Presov in Slovakia, a presentation of the book. Stephen Pope " Big Fight & quot ;, which was attended by Irina svobodivka Harmasiy, equivalentfor the Chairman of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom " on national memory. The initiator of the event was the Ukrainian Association of Slovakia, headed by Doctor of Philology, NAS of Ukraine Mykola Mushinka. In the Ukrainian Cultural Center Presov intellectuals gathered to pay tribute to the great Ukrainian ?migr?, sacredyku and historian of. Stepan Pope (1917-1990) and his work " Big Fight & quot ;, which was published 25 years after death. On the slope of your life manuscript Stephen Dad gave Mushyntsi Nicholas, who trusted. The author was born in Transcarpathia in. Berezove in Khust, but was forced to emigrate. The fate of his people was the meaning of his life, he mriyav live in a unified Ukraine. The book describes the eternal struggle Ukrainian Transcarpathian for liberation from occupation, from the late nineteenth century. - XX centuries. The book presented the editor writer and publisher John Rebryk. He spoke about the difficult training publications, because of. Stephen wrote it in difficult conditions Communist censorship. In his speech svobodivkaIrina Harmasiy welcomed Rusyn-Ukrainian and Slovak said: " The revival is part of National Memory " protection programs Ukrainian " All-Ukrainian Association " Freedom & quot ;. Work at. Stephen Pope written based on historical facts and their own observations. The uniqueness of this book is that it indicates a large borotbu Ukrainian Transcarpathian for their national, social, religious and cultural rights. In this struggle by Madyarschynu accused of crimes against defenders of Carpatho-Ukraine, which experienced myself. Transcarpathian " Freedom " initiates the Prosecutor General of Ukraine investigating crimes in 1939, with no deadline Ancientawns. As artificial condemned the murder of Ukrainian famine, so be condemned crimes against creators and defenders of Carpatho-Ukraine & quot ;. As you know " Big Fight " C. Pope was published on the initiative of Academician Nikolai Mushinka supported by the Transcarpathian regional organization of the All-Ukrainian Association " & quot ;, Freedom Transcarpathianth layer and publisher Uzhgorod " & quot ;. grazhda Before the presentation of the book took place in Uzhgorod and Hust, school number 1, where he studied contributors. Academician M. Mushinka thanked Transcarpathian " Freedom " financial support for the publication. C. Pape wrote historical works " Laborec " (1979), " the life of Alexander DramaDuhnovicha " (1984), and " White Croats & quot ;, " Drama struggle against enslavement & quot ;, " Drama fight for the faith of their ancestors & quot ;, " Drama resistance vidsudzhenyh death & quot ;, " Lives of the Saints " (2001). The last three years of life to work " History Transcarpathia " (Ivano-Frankivsk Dawn, 2003. - Vol 1-3).This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "