Uzhgorod police caught kradiya- "burglar"

Due to lack of money and the desire to okovytoyi 42-year-old man previously convicted of Uzhgorod house robbed pensioner. A statement about the theft to the police Uzhgorod Gorotdel turned 71-year-old local woman. A woman reported that unknown person entered her home, wherestole dental chair, gas boiler and stove, electric boiler, and flaps to the tiled stove. Arrived on the scene investigative team Gorotdel police. Law enforcers found that the attacker entered the house through the front door damage. It was found that house for a long time no one lives. The victim lives in othersthe second part of the city. Prior to her apartment she only visited by to see if everything is all right. So the point when it was committed theft victim could not. Soon workers Uzhgorod police Criminal Investigation found that a theft committed 42 years previously convicted uzhhorodets. According to the thief, lack of money - the main cause of crime. For a long time it never works. Find a job can not. Therefore decided to "earn" crime. Stolen zalizyachchya planned to cut and pass on the scrap, and thus earned money to spend on okovytu. On this fact openly criminal proceedings. Ongoing investigation. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA