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In the Zhytomyr Oblast State car inspection commission holds spring road

After the winter Ukrainian roads need repair, cleaning, renovation of road signs, markings, etc. On behalf of the Chief Department of Traffic Police Anatoliy Sirenko currently conducted a thorough investigation of the condition of the road network in Ukraine. In late March andIn April State car inspection commission holds spring roads. Before the test will involve representatives of Ukravtodor Railways, Ukrtransinspektsiyi, local authorities and community organizations. Working in collaboration with experts from relevant fields will provide analysis and suggestions for solving existing problems. During the inspection will check the state covering the roadway (the presence of strain as yamkovosti, subsidence, koliynosti et al.), Curbs, easement, roadside areas, sidewalks, avtopavilyoniv, technical means of traffic management, outdoor lighting and more. Special attention will be paid to the review of submissionsand to eliminate yamkovosti, primarily at international, national and regional roads, construction of emergency and hazardous areas Spots and providing quality lighting overhead pedestrian crossings. "We understand that given the economic situation in the country, to high-quality and fast repair roads difficult" - espeachaye head of the State - "However, the traffic police representatives to discuss the state of maintenance of the road network at the next meeting of regional, district and city administrations and insist on immediate allocation of resources to eliminate yamkovosti primarily on state highway and main vulysites of settlements. " Press Service of the Department Road traffic police Ukraine