In Lutsk meeting in OSA reviewed the regional budget based Regional Development Fund

Head of Regional State Administration Volodymyr Hunchyk met (during videoselektoru) with heads of departments of regional state administrations, heads of regional state administrations, mayors. In a videoa conference attended by Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk, First Deputy Mayor Svyatoslav Kravchuk, Head of Economic love caps, head of health Fedor purse, Director of Social Policy Larissa Boyar, director of the Lutsk City Center for Families, Children and Youth Lina Galan. It was aboutthey said register of offering regions and cities of the region for the construction of the three registers. Among the proposed facilities to be built in Lutsk, sewerage network in the district and in the September Lviv array reconstruction kindergarten 25 Street. Chekhov, 4 and others. Vladimir Hunchyk, referring to Nicholasand Romaniuk, said: "Register to leave a potential target 2 2016, continue to work on it. In the Expert Council made objects register 1 ". He also urged the mayor to work with potential contractors to implement the most money on these items. Nicholas Romaniuk assured that all objects that fall on the criteriayut to register, agreed with the builders, tenders. All preparatory work will be completed on time. This was reported in Lutsk City Council