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In the Volyn region through the intervention of the prosecutor's office combatants returned illegally taken away from the earth

Prosecutors Volyn region still defended in court by the interests of fighting. As previously reported, prosecutors Kivertsi region found that Pryluky village council was granted to a citizen land, chastyna which already belonged to another person – combatants. This led to the fact that her husband was denied the opportunity to exercise their right to dispose of the land's ownership. As a citizen whose rights have been violated, is involved in the fighting, and two of the family members who are dependent on it - the disabled, Mr.rokuratura area was to protect him and appealed to the court with a claim for recovery of its remedy. Meanwhile, Kivertsi District Court rejected this claim satisfied. Disagreeing with this decision, prosecutor's office appealed his appeal. Currently, the appeal court prosecution satisfied. Participantfighting back some land that was illegally transferred to another person. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office