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In Vinnitsa region implemented pilot projects in the field of employment (+ photos)

The Forum of interregional cooperation and investments March 26 Vinnitsa region visited the head of the State Employment Service of Ukraine Yaroslav Kashuba. He began his visit with an official meeting with the leaders of the region and city. Welcoming the head of serviceand are presented in, head of the regional state administration Valery Cow informed about the purpose and main tasks of investment projects carried out in the region. "For us, this forum some extent symbolic. We wanted to find new approaches to very serious problems not only with the immigration of people who left their homes, but also opportunitiestheir adaptation to an active lifestyle, creating for these people jobs - said the head of the region Valery cow. - Historically, our region is more focused on agriculture, for processing. Therefore, both in the region and implemented in some strategic projects aimed at improving the industrlovoho potential of Vinnitsa and Vinnitsa region to create the most unique economic clusters around which to create jobs. " RSA chairman said that the region addresses a number of companies due to circumstances seek opportunities to transfer their business to central Ukraine. "Because ofand strive to keep yourself in good shape, be prepared for the challenges seriously and are working in this direction ", - said Valery cow. The head of the State Employment Service of Ukraine, in turn, informed the leaders of the region and the city of new approaches in the office and future activities. "The main challenge we face - modernversus benefits service. Unfortunately, we have a situation where employment service turned to the service of unemployment. Therefore, we will change the quality of central office departments ", - said Jaroslaw Kaszuba. According to him, now preparing regulatory framework, changes to the Law "On Employment", which will be identified to serve additional functions to provide new tools forentariy both employers unemployed. The head office also noted that activities in the area of ??employment - is not only unemployment benefits but also the vector for running applications. "I wish that we started in your area, as an example for other regions of the country, several pilot projects for employers and the unemployed. Here imporyvo that we have not only created the conditions for people to find their place in the category of jobs available in the market, but also create new jobs. And we will seriously expect to cooperate with regional state administration ", - the head of the State Service employment. In the example Jaroslaw Kaszuba pointed to the establishment in the center Prof.esiyno and technical education, where citizens could a 5-month period to acquire new skills and qualifications. These centers, said the head of department, provide employment for 90% of the audience. Ready for the introduction of innovations in employment expressed as head of the region and acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov. "Call AffairsDJ quite a lot. Dynamics of unemployed increased - not only in the winery, but also for the whole region. And most importantly, have a plan and understand what needs to be changed. Vinnitsa is ready to newly introduced and pilot projects. We work seriously enough established to provide various services, electronic system works effectively uryaduvantion. And attracting jobs or create new economy of the city, for the welfare vinnichan - the driving force of development ", - said Sergey Morgunov. Regional Council Chairman is Sergei scrolls, in turn, emphasized the head of the State Employment Service on the problem of graduate employment after graduation. "It is necessaryMake certain benefits for employers and their law to determine that there was interest and to our young people are not looking for themselves abroad ", - said Sergey scrolls. In response, the department head said that this position will be taken into account when service professionals proposals for amendments to the legislation. Reported in the VinnitsaOSA first