Valery Cow "Vinnichchina once again demonstrates the ability to establish inter-regional cooperation" (+ photos)

This RSA chairman said at a meeting with the media on 26 March. In a press conference held during the Forum of interregional cooperation and investment, which isin Vinnitsa, was attended by Berend de Groot - Head of Cooperation of the EU Ukraine, Jaroslaw Kaszuba - Chairman of the State Employment Service of Ukraine, President of "Private investors Ukraine" Sergey Desyak Acting Vinnitsa mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunov, President Vinnytsia Trade and Industry Mr.ALT Alexander Didyk. Valery Cow said: "The Agreement will enable the EU to engage in the region 324 thousand. Euro, which will go to the materialization of a particular job in aligning those people who want to transfer their business in Ukraine and will provide an opportunity to create more than 700 jobs." The main objective of the Forum participants press conference defined to allow the maximum number of entrepreneurs establish necessary contacts with businesses, investors and authorities. Particular regard to the practical tools to support business transferred from areas of conflict, features project management in domestic and foreign markets, investment and international Finnansovoyi assistance. Leader, President of "Private investors Ukraine" Sergey Desyak said that most interest the Forum participants demonstrated to projects in the field of engineering, agriculture, construction, construction materials and light industry. These directions are determined Preferredetnymy for funding. He elaborated on the possibilities for media project. He said the project provides an opportunity to obtain business immigrants to recovery of the Vinnytsia region preferential loans, assistance in establishing contacts with regional businesses, investors, government, consulting supportthe creation and implementation of business plans. In particular, the approximately 170 thousand. Euro for providing financial support to 20 companies from the areas of conflict. They will be provided with preferential interest rate on loans in local currency at the rate of 6 - 10% per annum due to partial compensation of bank interest on loans. The maximumsecond size soft loan for one company will be the equivalent of 100 thousand. Euro. Also, entrepreneurs will be provided free aid in developing a business plan of the project, information support in establishing business contacts with regional companies, authorities and private investors. Head of the Public Service Employment Jaroslaw Kaszubaduring a press conference about a number of benefits for employers who employ immigrants from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. In particular, they should provide compensation for wages of workers. He said that employers reimburse the cost of wages for a period of at least six months. If the employer agrees tobezpechyty employment of such persons for a period twice as much compensation. Jaroslaw Kaszuba noted that the procedure and criteria for such payments shall be developed within a month. When asked, the chairman of RSA Valery Cow noted that the possible business platform for the transfer of enterprises from the East Vinnichchinemay be in the territory of non-current sugar mills, which are all summed communications, infrastructure and human resources (40 plants currently in effect is only 9). As an example, the chairman gave RSA activities of the company "PlasmaTec" in Pischans'kyi Raion, where 160 km. the regional center, now employs more than 600 people, and the first batch, etc.oduktsiyi company has received the European Union. Reference: According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine as of 1 November 2014 in Lugansk and Donetsk regions were registered 145 452 businesses. According to the report of the Monitoring Committee for Human Rights in October 2014 by the fighting, almost 40 thousand SMEs in withno conflict reluctantly ceased activity, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people were left without income. According to Acting Vinnitsa mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunova, today to Vinnitsa from the East moved 30 companies: 25 - 5 individuals and legal entities. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration