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In the Rivne region rescuers checked the readiness of local territorial units subsystems unified state system of civil protection area in high availability mode

Pursuant to the instructions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and relevant orders of the Rivne Oblast State Administration, members of the Main Directorate DSNS area etc.ovely in the area Zdolbunivska verification of compliance measures for alerting local territorial units subsystems unified state system of civil protection in high availability mode. The course was attended by performing required ’ yazky head Zdolbuniv City Administration Vladislav Schavinskyy, head Zdolbunovovskaya District Council Basil Tymoshchuk, heads of district services, civil defense, and Deputy Regional Council Andriyuk Alexander, who also cares population study area and alerting to the intended use of protective structures of civil protection. During the inspection organized collection management of the bodyin Management and Civil Protection leaders about potentially dangerous ’ objects and about ’ objects of increased danger to which the lesson on the order of steps in establishing regimes of territorial subsystem unified state system of civil protection in high availability mode. However, it was the state of the organizationher study population in civil defense, civil defense plans verified the special period and plans for emergency response. The state of readiness of protective structures Civil Defence to use them to their destination and the progress of their technical inventory. Then through practical testing conditionalintroductory checked readiness of government forces and civil protection area for action in case of emergencies and rescue and other emergency operations. Also the staff of the Main Directorate of State Service of the National Assembly provided methodological support managers about ’ objects of broadcasting short video about onprompt action in case of emergencies and provide adequate Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu literature and city ’ interest. Summing up exercises, head of the civil protection measures of the Main Directorate DSNS in Rivne civil defense Colonel John Zhakun thanked all involved services for operative and highly professional actions and said that the whole purpose of the exercise was achieved – Rescuers have improved their skills and potrenuvalysya smoothly interact with district emergency services. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region