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Issues arising in the cases discussed by representatives Derzhfininspektsiyi in Vinnytsia Vinnytsia region and a judge of the District Administrative Court (+ photos)

Within the framework of the State Financial Inspection in Vinnitsa region of Vinnytsia Regional Administrative Court in the House of administrative courts Roundand table, where they discussed problems that arise during the proceedings relating to the implementation of public financial policy of the state financial control. Head of Vinnytsia Regional Administrative Court Donchyk Vitali said that this event is important for both sides, because it provides an opportunity to resolve disputes arising under PartAl implementation of public financial policies of state financial control and provide further opportunity to provide revenues to the budget and to execute the judgments in full. Addressing the audience, Head Derzhfininspektsiyi in Vinnytsia region Elena Vahnovska noted that one of the factors that bezposeredno affect the operation Derzhfininspektsiyi, towards reimbursement of identified financial irregularities and provide revenues to the budgets of different levels, there are court decisions on our claims to control objects. This is because it is the judgment confirmed facts legality requirements audit institution,and therefore the correctness and completeness of documentation in acts audits revealed violations, correct application of the provisions of applicable law and legitimacy fininspektoriv action. An important issue was the subject of discussion in claim disputes related to control Derzhfininspektsiyeyu, how to protect violated rights, freedoms and interestsThis category of disputes, the position of the courts of appeal and cassation. The participants also reviewed the reasons for unscheduled inspections and the possibility of their destination due to the failure controlled institution full set of requested documents. Drew attention to the peculiarities of revisions, the importance of attracting Exportiv and experts during audits, obtaining information from professional experts Tax and Customs Service Inspection Architectural Control and other agencies. And also stopped on the methodology of interpretation of legal acts and their validity, application features letters of clarificationgovernment. In the end, the judge fininspektory and received answers to some questions that will help in future work, and noted the importance of such cooperation. According to the press service Derzhfininspektsiyi in Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration