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In Vinnytsia through careless burning dry grass 78 year old woman suffered burns

24 March at 13:26 on the item called ’ connection state of the Fire and Rescue 19 m.Kalynivka was reported fire in dry grass summer community « mashzavod » in the village. Oil Seal. At the scene immediately came rescuers who quickly likviduvaly fire on the area of ??4 square meters. In the combustion suhotrav ’ I thermal burns of the face and the hand-II degree received 78-year-old woman. Currently injured is in vididlenni trauma hospital. The cause – careless use of fire by burning dry grass. Dear citizens! Beingon vacation in the country, Pottering in the gardens, gardens, cleaning adjacent territories institutions, enterprises and organizations, always follow the fire safety rules! Do not dispose of outstanding matches or cigarettes. Before a fire, clear the place for him on dry grass within a radius of one meter. Do not leave outstandingfire - fill it with water. Not depart from it until the smoke or steam. If you notice a fire starting, try to extinguish it at hand. Sometimes it is simply trample flame ’ i. If the fire has power and you can not eliminate it himself, immediately call the operational and rescue service by calling “ 101 & rdquo ;. We will be responsible for environmental protection. Together, Save the nature! HUDSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region