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In Lviv police asked to volunteer

witnesses an accident in Lviv because of the accident injured a pedestrian. February 14 to the duty of the State of the city was informed of the medical establishment that appealed to them, 28-year-old man who reported injuries resulting from road transPortnoy adventures. According to her husband, the same day around 22.00 in Lviv Pidvalna, near the city ’ Monument to Ivan Fedorov, unknown driver, driving an unidentified vehicle, made him run over and left the scene. Because avtonayizdu pedestrian injured and after the medical assistance was releasedsecond home. Guardians are asked to volunteer everyone who has any information about the circumstances of the accident, and other information that can help in finding a driver that was involved in accidents. Please call « 102 » or (032) 238-40-27 in another part of the State of the city. Department Derzhavtoinspektsiyi m. Lviv