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In Ternopil celebrated the anniversary of the establishment of the National Guard of Ukraine

first anniversary of the National Guard of Ukraine celebrated the 25th March in Ternopil. Participating in the event were heads of law enforcement, veteran organizations, Ternopil clergy, representatives of local and regional authorities. "March 13, 2014 President of Ukrainesigned the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Law of Ukraine National Guard - said the battalion commander of the National Guard military unit 3002 Lt. Col. Victor Shershun. - From April 2014 Natshvardiyi Ukraine personnel involved in military operations area of ??ATU. " Now battalion in Ternopil service is 170 servicemen, among them - eighteen women. According to Victor, during 2014-2015rokiv reserve battalion went to perform tasks in the area of ??TU. In May and June are planning a trip to the East again. There are minute of silence commemorated National Guard officers who died during the ATO. Deputy goalOva Regional State Administration Leonid Bytsyura welcomed the troops on the holiday. "Together we make common cause - works Ukrainian state with all the necessary elements - said Leonid Alekseevich. - One of these elements - the army, which for many years there was not formally perform the necessary functions. All these elements willto form a powerful security of our country is completed all tasks associated with settling territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of the country. Safety of life of citizens becomes the new focus formation doctrine of national security. " Leonid O. said that along with the creation of new structures, one of which is the nationGuard cur- Ukraine, society must give up risky behavior when honor, dignity, rights, and later the state, did not matter. Modern law enforcement, military must demonstrate a deep respect for the man. This is a guarantee of respect for the state. So Leonid Bytsyura presented diplomas and thanks Ternopil Oblast keepAdministration vnoyi best military battalion. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration