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Ternopil: road safety issues in deciding on the coordinating council

Steering Committee meeting on road safety held in Ternopil RSA 20 March. When he reviewed the state of maintenance of public roads area, state stormwater retention Kanamentation, street drainage network, the organization works on construction of bypass road from the highway Ternopil - Brody to s.Malashivtsi. Following the meeting gave a number of assignments, including highway service in Ternopil region, SE "Ternopil Oblavtodor" regional state administrations together with bodies to placesevoho governments to establish the Ternopil and Chortkiv city councils, eliminate deficiencies in operational maintenance of public roads and street network of settlements identified during the special inspection and ensure their continued proper utymannya; organize emergency resettlement dangerousplots and Spots and placement in locations specified GOST 2735-94 "fences and directing device" transport barriers. In addition, the Road Administration in Ternopil region, SE "Ternopil Region Motorway", the executive committee of Ternopil city council must hold relevant work in the field of contsentratsiyi accident. This includes repair of underground pedestrian lighting and its installation turniketnoho fences in the village V.Berezovytsya on highway M-19 Domanovo-Kovel-Chernivtsi Terebleche 330-331 km; and lighting on vul.Tarnavskoho 3-5 vul.Zluky 55. The question of construction of bypass road road Ternopoll - Brody to s.Malashivtsi engaged Zborovskiy, Ternopil district administration together with the executive committee of Ternopil city council and Malashovetskym village head. They must determine balansoderzhatelya and the organization responsible for the operational maintenance areas specified route; develop appropriate design estimatesdocuments, which provide for the organization of traffic on the specified area of ??the street and road network and provide it for approval to the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Ternopil region; bring the roadway to the appropriate operating condition. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration