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In the Rivne Oblast driver - wrongly accused infringer police employee in his March 20 beating

Bereznovsky region resident, 45-year-old Alexander, without any justification and evidence of the prosecution appealed to a statement that implicated his beating by traffic police March 18 about 15 hours during the road safety oversightOn motion inspectors VDAI Bereznovsky region stopped motorcycle BIRD. Vidrekomenduvavshys, traffic police asked the driver to produce relevant documents for control, but they were not. In addition, in communication with the helmsman motorcycle police suspected that he was with obvious signs of intoxication. Suspicions shouldClosed roads confirmed the device "Drager", which showed 1.61 ppm. The offender inspectors in the presence of witnesses were administrative reports for part 1 of article. 130 CAO (drive vehicles while intoxicated) and Part 1 of Art. 126 CAO (drive vehicles not having a driver's license). At the time of administrativematerials with motorcycle driver was impaired agree. However, two days after the preparation of materials for administrative violations of traffic rules Alexander decided to apply to the Bereznovsky's office, which wrongly accused the traffic police of beating him. It should be noted that the procedure for drawing up administratyments materials for violation of traffic rules by the driver of the motorcycle claims inspectors recorded on the video recorder, which clearly shows that the police never used measures of physical restraint against him. In addition witnesses confirm innocence inspectors to beating 45-year-old Alexander and employees may Bereznovsky police stationpolice. On the day when the guards were adminmaterialy roads the driver of the motorcycle, a few hours local policeman together with CID officer met 45-year-old Alexander to get him another explanation for the fact of violation of applicable law. Guardians no signs of beating Alexander did not noticethe. Prosecutors Bereznovsky region directed a material in the regional prosecutor's office for inspection under what circumstances it was 45-year-old Alexander, the driver of the motorcycle, was injured. By the way, when writing an application in Bereznovsky prosecutor motorcycle driver was warned that in case of giving false testimony under Art. 383 Krymincial Code of Ukraine it will be brought to justice. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region