In the Rivne region have tried rivnyanyna with carabiner escape from police in the village

Red Mlyniv area between the two men conflict. One of them gun caused the injuries. To hide the crime, rivnyanyna have tried to escape from a carbine in hand. In the evening, March 21 investigative team arrived to humanFirst item on call 55-year-old local resident Nicholas. He said that he had a gun barrel causing bodily harm 45 years rivnyanyn Oleg, who came to the village to parents. The police navidalysya home to parents Oleg. Although the light was turned around and the request to open the door no one responded, police heard that the house ispeople. A few minutes from the house through the window began to climb Oleg. While trying to escape he was detained. I tried to get away and have a 66-year-old Oleg. Police heard that the other party is building something fell. The noise and ran detective saw from the summer kitchen towards the river Stir with a gun in the hands of a woman running. Law enforcement officers caught up with her andyluchyly hunting rifled carbine. During a personal inspection of pocket Oleg police have found and seized four bullets caliber 7.62 mm. According to police records management, carbine considered lost in Rivne region since December 2003. Rivnyanyn explained that in 2003 he found the gun in the woods and kept in the attic of the Lordrstvi parents. The man claimed that his parents about it knew nothing. - Pre-trial investigations initiated under paragraph 1 of Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (carrying, storage, acquisition, construction, repair, transfer or sale of firearms, ammunition without statutory authority), - the head of the District Police Mlyniv Augustgies Volkov. - The weapons and ammunition were sent for examination to the Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And Nicholas later refused to declare him the task of injuries. Sanction article provides for the offense penalty of imprisonment for up to five years. Olesya BondarETS, Mlyniv PB (service Demidov and Mlyniv areas) Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region