Rivne region, with the beginning of spring field work frequent occurrence Munitions

With the advent of real spring in the territory of Rivne greatly intensified land and construction. As a result of the sharp increase in cases of detection citizens Munitions is the First and Second World atiyn. Only since the beginning of this year pyrotechnics Main Department DSNS in Rivne successfully extracted and disposed of more than 50 different caliber ammunition war. In particular, 24 March pyrotechnics DSNS successfully defused artillery shell caliber 152 mm during the Second World War, which was discovered in a wooded area nearbyNemovychi Sarnenski village area. On the same day at 16:00 near Radivilov an agricultural field during the excavation was found 21 caliber 50 mm artillery shell during the Second World War. At the scene left a group of pyrotechnic works DSNS Main Directorate of Ukraine in Rivne region. In all cases, the local population in ayyavleni Munitions fulfilled all the rules, made it possible to prevent tragedies. However, not all citizens know rules for handling hazardous finds. This is especially true for children. In view of the above specified, Department DSNS in Rivne appeals to all citizens, especially children. Cinuyte life. If you found suspicious items in any case do not touch them, let alone in any case do not try to move them to another location. You must immediately report the discovery of local government, law enforcement and the closest unit of the State Service of emergency call « 101 & raquo ;. To mark the arrival professionals find a placetion of suspicious objects and, if possible, ensure their safety. Compliance with the above mentioned rules will save not only your life but also the lives of many others. PG DSNS in Rivne region