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Chernihiv region, the combustion citizens of dry grass, the fire spread to the private sector and the building destroyed 21

24 March at 15 h. 20 min. to Rescue « 101 » was reported dry grass fire near the village. Komarivka Ripky area. Rescuers DSNS immediately arrived at the specified address. Fire uyutnenky very, veis rapidly distributed and has spread to outbuildings. Coordinated and professional actions of rescuers at 16:45 the fire was able to localize and at 18 h. 20 min – completely eliminated. The fire in 5 farms destroyed 5 country houses and 16 other structures for various purposes (household buildings, summer kitchen, derev'yani sheds, summer showers). Firefighting vehicles were engaged 6 and 25 people staff. In place of the fire working mobile operational group UDSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region, headed by the Chief Office of Civil Protection, Colonel Igor Fedorenko. Employees DSNS nedopustyly destruction by fire 17 domohospodarstv totaling $ 1.5 million. USD. Probable cause of the fire is uncontrolled burning dead. The ultimate cause of the fire is now established professionals. Dear citizens! Often burning dead wood grows in large-scale fire. Especially in open areas where fire spread rate is extremely high. In settlementsburning may develop into uncontrolled burning and destruction threaten houses and lives. In this regard, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine recalled that for unauthorized burning dry vegetation or residual provides for administrative and criminal penalties. Such actions threaten the surrounding Augustedovyschu a hazard to life. To avoid fires in ecosystems, follow these rules: - Do not dilute the fire in the forest; - Try not to smoke in the woods, do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, especially where existing dry litter; - Do not leave soaked with gasoline and other flammable substances dusters; - Do not use onHunting wads made of flammable materials; - Do not create garbage in the forest and adjacent areas, especially not incinerate them. UDSNS in Chernihiv region