In Lviv, Donetsk Judge refused to suspend the decision to limit the Garden preferential travel in public transport

March 19, 2015 District Court Judge Galician, who previously worked in the Donetsk region, refused to volunteer battalion leader medsluzhby " January " Svoboda Constantine Vasilkevich the claim of suspensionExecutive Committee's decision to limit the travel of beneficiaries in. This was announced by the head of the " Freedom " Lviv City Council Lubomir Melnychuk. &Quot; Today was the court in the case against by war in the East, beneficiary, manager medsluzhby Battalion " January " Svoboda Constantine Vasilkevich. He demands to canceland the decision of the executive committee of the Garden of travel time limit beneficiaries in urban vehicles. The case came to a new district court judge Galician Lyudmila Frolova, former chairman of the City Court Torez Donetsk region, which just recently moved to the city. March 19 without prior notice Vasilkevich denied relievedno request for the claim, in which he asked suspend the decision of the executive committee before the entry into force of court order & quot ;, - said svobodivets. &Quot; I think that the next meeting will visit the East war veterans, invalids, Chernobyl and other beneficiaries. This is a shameful decision should immediately cancel the Garden! & Quot ;, - said Lyubomyhe Melnychuk. Sitting in the case is scheduled for 14:30 March 31, 2015. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv city organization VO " Freedom "