In Lviv Oblast practical lessons for students from

rescuers NGO « Community Development » together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Lviv region conduct relevant studies and tell students what to do in an emergency. Recently held classes for students Peresh school 93. In actew hall of the institution were about n ’ fifty students grades 10-11. They were delighted with the stories of rescue, which came in the form of working, because probably no one can tell the Emergency better than practicing lifesaver. &Laquo; We all know what time we live now in a possible war and thennd we all know how to act in emergency situations. Children should know how to act in dangerous situations, and in any case not panic & raquo ;, - said the expert DSNS. Employee PG DSNS in Lviv region focused on the practice described as efficiently and effectively in a fire, how can you identify hidden explosives and you have todo when the alarm notification « Attention all! & raquo ;. Also present are considered variants of emergencies. &Laquo; Considering the socio-political situation in Ukraine, not only adults, but children must be able to navigate the situation quickly. Children, of course do not know how to react, panic seizes them what they optiayut what to do, so it is important that professionals have come and told what to do in a given situation & raquo ;, - shared social teacher school. From NGO activists « Community Development » Students received free guides with helpful tips on how to act in emergency situations. Open lessons fromNGO « Community Development » and Lviv « nadzvychaynykiv » will be held in many schools. These classes are held well in school 92 in Shevchenko district of the city.