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Lviv lives are about 2 thousand.

Crimean Tatars Currently moved to the city for about 2 thousand. Crimean Tatars. Crimean Tatars in Ukraine The chairman of the Crimean Tatar Muslim religious community « Yihsan » Ernest Abkelyamov at the opening of an office in Lviv their organization. &Laquo; year has passed already sinceand the occurrence annexation of the Crimea and some Crimean Tatars had to leave to move to the city. During this time we are there has never been any domestic or ethnic conflicts. We would like to thank lions ’ yanam for the support we received & raquo ;, – he said. Recall Muslim Tatar relihiyna Community « Yihsan » March 25, opened an office in Lviv. Together with the NGO « Community of Crimean Tatars » She rented a room at this pr. Liberty, 26 – next to the Opera House. There will be conducted lessons of Arabic and study the Koran, and in a special room mousselmany will be able to gather in prayer – traditional prayer in Islam. Told