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Taras Licko: " In unity - our strength "

Fighter 80th airborne brigade, deputy Sokal Council of the PA " Freedom " Taras Licko four months in Lugansk region Happiness ensure protection of thermal power plants, which fired almost daily Russian terrorists. According to volunteer, gaining victory over Okupantom requires first of all unity and understanding and awareness of each Ukrainian that his country's war. People of different professions - doctors, soldiers, teachers, members - must exert every effort in its highly specialized field to provide resistance to the enemy and build in the near future its independent, ideologically and ecoeconomically strong country. Svobodivets Taras Licko told how in the midst of war psychologically difficult Ukrainian soldiers in eastern maintain military honor and dignity, as well as life in a combat zone, the attitude to Ukrainian fighters and local residents about the possibility of implementing the peace of the Russian-Ukrainian agreements. Do you believe that Dr.omovlenosti in Minsk terrorist force from 15 February to cease fire in the Donbas? Without the support of terrorists - a gang of bandits, which can cope with just two weeks. If the Russian Federation will not support their fighters, they are not long enough ammunition and ammunition. It all depends on the president of Russia. There russian warand troops. If the East somewhere else run " swarms of fighters & quot ;, which is not subject to anyone, it is easy to cope with them. However, it depends also on how the international community will behave. If Russia will not fulfill the agreement, Europe and America continue to new sanctions, Ukraine will have guns. And perhaps only then Putin in conjugationavzhnomu will think. Will there be general and to be honest, do you think the exchange of prisoners between the Ukrainian army and militants? I think that with the enemy can not bluff. Both sides should act honestly, or to wait a further escalation of the conflict. But the Russians I'm not sure. They do not follow the words, and vice versa - after anotherx arrangements incite conflict. What is the attitude to Russian Ukrainian military prisoners? Personally, I even quarreled with his sister because of it. For some people lost a friend and would discharge their emotional state - to beat the prisoner wrongly, so to speak, with the desire to defuse this from his anger. I stood up for this captivesFirst, because what we are fighting against them, does not mean that we lose humanity. We have to be men of honor and observe a military uniform and to treat prisoners as we would like to be treated if we were captured. Not all, unfortunately, it is understood. Young boys often do not stand up because someone was killed friend, Someone has some psychological trauma ... But they can understand - they were half a year in the area ATO. During this time, some people just go crazy. It is very important during the war is rotated. How many civilians supporting the separatists? Of course, civilians zazombovane info propaganda. However, after our army came,people's attitudes changed. We gave them their suhpaykom because they did not receive humanitarian aid. However, I note that none of the locals we spoke openly about his position. Comment on your attitude to attacks by militants peaceful settlements of " & quot ;, a hail of artillery, tanks and mortars? This war wouldrutalna. Muscovite never had credit, he never counted with people. They are specially fired peaceful areas, whipping situation, they say - a Ukrainian kill their own. They want so exacerbate this escalation. This is a very cowardly, use the no weapons of mass destruction. Tell us about life in a combat zone during hoursace of his stay in the East We used all the stocks that were, sometimes eating meatless rice and wheat lean porridge, stew had happened, sometimes dry bread tea rozmochuvaly. At least it was, but to say that we were starving, no. How do you think the Ukrainian military should act to " rid " militants east of Ukraine? &Quot; In EDness the power of the people. God, give us unity! & Quot ;. If we all unite, the enemy shall not overcome. We can have a less powerful weapon, but unless we are united in spirit, thoughts, and especially actions that we did not win. We are now, more than ever, you need to be friendly, cunning, skonsolidovanymy. First of all, be glory Ukrainian people, and inbut then " glory " politicians and Combat. If there is a volunteer battalions, they should be subordinated to other staff. Must be they have one commander, who would all heard and respected, not as " Swan, Pike and Cancer & quot ;. How to raise the morale of soldiers Ukrainian army? Probably no matter taught us. I now have thoughts - NeuveThis trouble can it be much worse, so we finally united. The Ukrainian parliament is a mess, people's representatives should be consolidated, all work 24 hours, because the country is a war, people are dying every day. However, they do not want to over-work, nedosypayuchy and undernourished. I see that they live as if there is no war. It's hard to tell ayou, but so far from each family man not taken into battle until everyone does not feel the loss, then people will just reflect. For someone else does not hurt. It's like a bus, when someone pressed a finger on the side, as it hurts the other passengers do not feel it's not their finger. As if we resist the enemy, if only, but this unity in practice until a badidchuvayetsya. It hurts to see it all and even ashamed to think about this. I think that will change until then, when the war in the east. And everyone knows that there will be more flags and demonstrations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, will give the order already different - radically. Interviewed Lily Chmil This was reported in the press service of Lvivth regional organization VO " Freedom "