Khmelnytsky: Involved in the action "Earth Hour"

On Saturday, March 28 at 20.30 in the whole world starts campaign "Earth Hour" during which people turn off their lights for one hour as a symbol of concern for the future of the planet and the desire to protect the unity nature. Earth Hour started in 2007, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Australia with IUMeanwhile draw attention to climate change. In 2008, this successful action spread world. Ukraine joined the international campaign in 2009. In 2014 joined the campaign more than 7000 cities in 162 countries. In particular Ukraine joined the campaign to more than 55 cities and towns In addition to the symbolic light off for 60 minutes, This year's campaign focuses on the absolute necessity and benefits of daily actions of every citizen, companies and government energy efficiency, conservation of the environment, prudent use of resources to address environmental problems. We call on all concerned with a request to join the action "Earth Hour"And support the initiative by turning off lights and appliances that are not essential. The information was