Transcarpathian police officer received a broken arm, holding n "bully yanoho

in Irshava during arrest drunken bully kicked a local policeman. The captain of a fractured hand. In this incident started criminal proceedings. By the next part Irshavsk police department received a report thatin the village Ilnitsa young man during a family quarrel inflicted injuries to my aunt. Law enforcement officers went to the scene. On the way to the bus station Irshava they saw a drunken man. This was the 24-year-old s.Ilnytsya, which beat aunt home. The police stopped the official car, approached the bully did it onremarks and invited to the police station for assembly adminprotokol. However offender very troubled. He began to insult police officers, cling uniforms, waving fists. Policemen wearing handcuffs on him and was taken to hospital to establish the degree of intoxication. When you exit the car with official attacker notexpectations kicked arm local policeman. As a result, police captain a fractured right hand. In this incident Irshavskoye police station opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.345 Criminal Code of Ukraine (threats or violence against a law enforcement officer). Bully threatens to limit or depriveent sentence of up to five years. The investigation continues. Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police