In the Transcarpathian region of the Great Berezno police caught picking mom and daughter stole

Women in the Grand March from the local theater metal profiles. Zloumyshlennitsy decided to pass them for scrap. However, in the way of their plans were thieves local precinct. Great local policeman Berezno Leite Jr.Nantes Lubomir Chobal and assistant district junior sergeant Vitaly Wajda noticed outside the district center two suspicious women. Those bare hands heavy metal profiles. When police asked where they took it zalizyachchya women were assured that they found in the trash metal corners. But police decided to check this infrmatsiyu. How to & # 8242, it turned out, thievish woman, mother and daughter, noticed these metal profiles near the old building theater. Thought that is good for you can help out good money if to pass it for scrap. So profiles have to bring home. By doing this they saw and law enforcement. According to experts, the value of the stolen items is more than 400 UAH. Regarding kradiyok started criminal proceedings for 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). The case has forwarded to the court. Zloumyshlennitsy threatens imprisonment for a term of five years, or imprisonment for the same term. Miroslav Pekar Perechyn District Police