Consolidated Volyn law enforcement detachment went to serve in the Donetsk region

main objectives to act in the area of ??law enforcement ATO - ensuring public order, service on checkpoints, checking vehicles on the availability of weapons and explosives, review of the suspects on their and possibletnosti to criminal gangs and terrorist organizations. Before police detachment of consolidated guidelines and suggestions addressed head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region police colonel Peter Shpig: - Even now in East situation remains tense and rather complex: the fighting does not stop. Intensified bandformuvment that hiding behind the volunteer corps members engaged in illegal, unlawful actions. So I urge you to be vigilant and work harmoniously, strictly follow the instructions of senior executives. Do not allow yourself to compromise police and Ukraine in general. Led decent change Volyn law enforcement head of the Public Security Ministry of Internal AffairsPolice Lt. Vladimir Solonenko. He will accompany soldiers to their destination and will carry with them the service: - Consolidated unit change our colleagues who are serving more than a month in the area ATO. Each of us understands where he was going and what challenges lie ahead. On the eve briefing was held, which highlighted the activities of personsstand security for accurate fulfillment of orders and the police within the law. Therefore confidently say that all personnel ready to perform the tasks. Blessed with a long trip male temple priest of St. Paraskeva Father Valentin: - Church prays for soldiers-liberators of our land. Let canopyOur Lady bless you. To your heart you were carrying the faith, love, patience. Volyn school teacher training police officers Police Major Nicholas Paley believes that every man who put the form in the first place should do his duty to the state. He assured that all orders Volyn police perform with hestyu. And in doing so, they help support and prayers not only relatives, but all Ukrainian. In the breast pocket of Nicholas Pelykh - drawing his 7-year-old son of Bishop. Pupil believes he will become a talisman for the daddy of all dangers and support in difficult time. A few minutes of farewells, hugs and handshakes - and the bus pravoohorontsyamy hit the road. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region