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Prosecutor visited the prison Lutsk, Volyn region

Prosecutor Dmitry Chepizhak Lutsk visited the prison department of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in the Volyn region, which currently are 160 HC ’ yaznenyh and prisoners. Prosecutor made pokamernyy bypass, talked with HC ’ yaznenymy and judgeenymy visited health of the institution. In the detention center checked the minimum standards on the handling of a ’ yaznyamy taken 1 United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and treatment in ’ yaznyamy August 30, 1955, penal legislation and legislation on pre HC ’ yaznennya, legality andhold, compliance with laws on holding separate HC ’ yaznenyh and prisoners, ensuring standards in the area chamber of a person in custody or is convicted. The audit also studied journals and other documents relating to the registration of offenses and compliance regime of detention. On a personal receptionto the prosecutor asked 6 prisoners and HC ’ yaznenyh citizens. Their complaints about the legitimacy of the police officers who carry out pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings to bring to justice those guilty of giving false impressions people in court and other issues taken into consideration. Note that authorities claimrokuratury field exercise proper supervision over compliance in prison laws to protect the rights and interests of prisoners and HC ’ yaznenyh regularly conducting checks on the matter and personal citizen in jail. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region