Ternopil police prevented the thief take possession of another's property

attacker assaulted a taxi driver and demanded money from him. Witness the incident was the police officer who rushed to help the victim. Police officer twisted attacker and another called police. Involved in the robbery was 25-year-old resident Terebovlyanschyny. How do I find police subsequently, to the regional center moon arrived at the bus station to meet his girlfriend, who was traveling by bus from another area. In the center of the city, he stopped a taxi to get to the bus station. Even inside the car attacker pulled out a jacket pocket sharp metal bar and attacked a taxi driver. Bandit from behind Actavyv unknown object to the throat of the driver and demanded money from him. Scared man barely stopped the car near public transport outside Ostrog. However desired money robber never received. To help the victim rushed the passer, who was a police officer. Through its operational actions robber VPIymaly. Taras Pie - Inspector sector 1 Department of Criminal providing technical and Regional Research Forensic Centre immediately noticed the chaotic traffic on the road, and when the car stopped nearby, noticed that the passenger inside the car driver threatens some object. The policeman ran to by carPulled the attacker from inside the taxi and called another outfit. Law enforcement officers quickly arrived on the scene and was taken to the police station robber. This is not the first time police detain inhabitants Terebovlyanschyny. In the past he has served his sentence for committing a robbery. From prison freed on parole in January entyear. Investigators Ternopil City Department of Internal Affairs opened a criminal investigation. Actions suspect qualify under paragraph 1 of Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - robbery. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of three to seven years. Suspected of serious crimes committed detained withworthy Article 208 CCP Ukraine. For conscientious performance of his official duty police leadership of Lieutenant T. cakes presented the award. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region