Chernivtsi region: rescuers eliminated 4 fire

24 March at 4:23 at 101 spetsliniyu regional center received a report of a fire in the building of the village council in the village of Dima Hlybotskyi area. Before the scene was sent 2 State Fire and Rescue village of number 14. Deep, local fire protection villages Valya Kuzmina, TarashAna and Oprysheny. There was a fire in the attic of the building. Because trees ’ volved flame design structures ’ I quickly spread throughout the building and covered an area of ??120 sq.m .. Also there was a strong fire smoke, because that rescuers had to work in respiratory protection devices. Soldiers DSNS the fire under control to the extent in which they foundat the time of arrival. Later the fire was extinguished. The fire destroyed the building cover damaged ceilings. Through efficient and precise action of fire-rescue units were rescued from the destruction of the village council building. The preliminary cause of fire was a short circuit. On fire no one was hurt. In the villageEli lower Stanivtsi Kitsmansky area burned outbuildings local resident. Rescuers Kitsman city and local fire team Stanivtsi villages lower and upper Stanivtsi that were sent on the location, call the fire eliminated. The fire destroyed the roof of the building. Soldiers DSNS saved from destruction is near a house for whichcould upset the fire. There were no injuries. Another fire occurred in farm buildings in Vyzhnytsia. Since the building was completely trees ’ Jana, fire a few minutes covered the entire building. There was also a danger of tipping fire at a house located next to another and outbuildings. Rescuers city Vyzhnytsia that for5 minutes arrived on the scene, the fire eliminated, allowing to save from destruction 2 buildings. The dead and injured there. Chernivtsi Street. Putyla happened haystack fire and kukurudzyanky. Rescuers State Fire and Rescue unit number 1 regional center eliminated the fire, not allowing transfer of heat to the next boringshovanu outbuildings. The fire destroyed one ton of hay. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region