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April 17-18 in Chernihiv opens new tourist season

Weekend in Chernihiv at half price, competition "Miss Tourism - Chernigov" exhibition and the town of artists, theatrical productions of historical characters and spectacular performances of athletes - only part of the measures being prepared to the opening of the new season, which is scheduled for 17-18April. These and other issues were discussed at the meeting of the organizing committee, led by Deputy Mayor - the chief financial management of the City Council Victor Bystrov. In particular, he stressed that the city should focus on tourist stay of several days, so it is necessary to best demonstrate our capabilities and infrastructure.The draft action plan opening of the tourist season, presented Head of Strategic Development and Tourism City City Council Boris Atroshchenko. Above the scenary Plan historical and folkloric productions works management culture. Separately discussed the improvement of urban areas and venues. The highlight of next season recreationfor Chernihiv and visitors will be equipping barbecue park of Kordivky. A detailed action plan will be published on the official web site of the city council. Department of Public Relations of the City Council