In Zhytomyr police seized

automatic and ammunition during a search authorized in the house 45-year-old investigators found a Kalashnikov rifle, ammunition and nearly three hundred homemade silencers. Initiation of criminal proceedings. Employees Radomyshlsky District Police checking information on illegal arms and boyeprypasiv, in a village in the district found a kind of arsenal. The house, owned by 45-year-old resident of the capital, were machine AKS-74U with two shops, 46 5.45 mm rounds, 26 rounds of ammunition 7.62, three homemade silencers and more. According to the owner of the house, these things he found in Luhansk Milove Raion where delivered onucts and clothing. Now all removed aimed at research to Research Forensic Centre at MIA. Ongoing investigation p.1 st.263 (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. By law, the man could face imprisonment of3 to 7 years. Meanwhile, police reminds: any weapon, ammunition and explosives are appropriate only during the war, but they have no practical use in civilian life. Keeping these prohibited items, people automatically endanger not only themselves but also those around them. Do not refill illegal armsremember her and criminal liability for such actions. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region